I’m In — What’s Next?

As you take the challenge to make a difference at your campus, expect the unexpected.

God is already at work at your school. When you walk on your campus, whether you are a student or an adult, God has something significant for you to do that will honor him and bless others.

Here is what you can expect: As you pray you will see students, some who you thought would never be interested, respond to you and the unconditional love of God. As the year goes on, and the Gospel is shared, you will see lives changed. You will also see students who seem to have little interest in Christ. Don’t be discouraged. The seeds of love and truth that you sow today will very likely make a difference in that person’s life in the future. You have the awesome privilege of serving God at your campus. Be prepared. Here are few suggestions:

If you have not yet done so, adopt your school.

Team up.

Connect with at least one other person or a team of others who want to reach out at your school. Make a plan together. Click here for ideas.

Begin with prayer.

The people who are doing the most for Christ at their school are people who make time for prayer, both personally and in groups. Students can turn their campus upside down through prayer. Click here for the Campus Prayer Guide. Join a national student prayer strategy by going to claimyourcampus.com.

Care and serve.

Service is the natural life-style of a follower of Jesus. When we serve we bring attention to God’s love and compassion. Look for ways to help students around you: friendship, encouragement, physical needs, study help and home needs. Make it a part of your lifestyle to care and respond to what’s happening with students at your school. Click here for care ideas.

Share the Gospel of Jesus.

The greatest act of love is to help someone begin and grow in a relationship with God. This takes initiative and prayer on your part. It is really all about conversations that turn to meaningful topics. Students on your campus think about God more than you might imagine. They just need someone who will talk with them, ask good questions, explain the good news about Jesus and invite them to begin a relationship with Him. Click here for share ideas.

Stay close to your Leader.

It can be easy to get busy and drift away from time with Jesus, the one person we need to depend on. Your regular prayer, time in his Word, obeying him, letting his love penetrate your heart and mind, that’s important stuff. You are representing Christ so what better way to do that then to know him intimately.

Significant things will take place at your school this year. Teams may win championships. Students will be honored for their achievements. Relationships will be built and relationships will be destroyed. But every dramatic event will pale in comparison to that moment when one person puts their trust in Jesus Christ, experiences His love and forgiveness, and becomes part of the family of God.

You have the opportunity to be a part of those significant moments at your school.

I'm In — What's Next

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