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Join the movement of Christian students, adult leaders, educators, churches and organizations in adopting every school, praying, caring and sharing – giving every teenager the chance to see Christ’s love in action and know Him personally.

adopt-text-white-01 YOUR SCHOOL

What does that mean?

Ask God to work in the lives of the students and educators at your school. Ask Him to bless them, meet their needs and open their hearts to his love and truth. Adoption begins with prayer.

Think of the needs at your school. Look for ways to serve students and educators. Caring in the name of Jesus brings attention to His greatness.

Students everywhere are silently asking questions about life, God and eternity. They just need someone who will take the time to relate and share what it means to trust in Christ. You have the truth and love they are looking for.


Team up with other Christians to reach out at your school. Youth groups from different churches and Christian campus organizations working together make a huge impact. Imagine the potential when Christian students on a campus are united and they have the encouragement of adults in their community.

Get ready to do something great!

Make A Difference And Help Bring Change That Lasts Forever! Give a Hand, Join The Movement And Adopt Your School.
Adopt A School

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