Terms of Use

Trademark and Copyright Information

This document covers the Trademark and Copyright Information for the everyschool.com website.

Copyright © 2024 by the Campus Alliance and the authors. All rights reserved.

Copyright Statement

From our website at everyschool.com, you may download the information and use it on your computer for personal study or you can print it or us it in a multimedia presentation for yourself and others as long as you give it away and do not charge for it. You must give appropriate attribution/credit (see below Information to Include on copies used for ministry purposes). In this case, free means free. It cannot be bundled with anything sold, nor can you charge for shipping, handling, or anything. It cannot be posted on other websites or servers (see Electronic Access below). It is provided for equipping people in student ministry. This release applies to all resources on everyschool.com. Resources that include their own copyright information are subject to owner’s copyright.

Content Ownership

All contributions will remain the property of the respective writers and producers. However, the Campus Alliance reserves the right to edit submissions for content and length, and post the resources in any Campus Alliance publication, resource or website deemed appropriate.

Information to Include on Copies used for Ministry Purposes

The material on the everyschool.com site is provided for all those involved in student ministry. When used for ministry purposes, the material may be quoted/copied provided the following credit is included with the material. The suggested format is: Author, Title of the work (if known): Copyright year (if not known use 2024), Campus Alliance; reprinted with permission from www.everyschool.com.

[Example: Joe Green, Relating to Students: Copyright © 2024 Campus Alliance; reprinted with permission from https://everyschool.wpengine.com.]

Material from the site may not be edited (words added or deleted) without our permission.

Material from the site may not be reprinted for commercial publication or fund raising purposes without our permission.

Material including all video content from the site may not be duplicated for commercial publication or fund raising purposes without our permission.

Requests for Permission to Repost Resources on Other Sites

Permission must be obtained from the Campus Alliance for our materials to be reposted on other websites. We’re more than happy for you to place a link to our resources on your website. You do not need to obtain permission to link to any resource on everyschool.com.

Translation of Articles on the Site

We encourage anyone to translate any resource. Therefore permission is granted for you to translate the resources on the site provided you acknowledge the source and include the statement (used by permission author’s name, www.everyschool.com, Copyright © 2024 All rights reserved) and that you submit the translated material back to us so we can post it on the site for others to use.

If you would like more information, e-mail your request to info@everyschool.com