The Campus Alliance is a coalition of organizations, churches and individuals that share the vision of reaching out to every middle school and high school student in America. 

Campus Alliance Partners include national organizations, church denominations, regional and local ministries. A Leadership Team comprised of men and women from the partner ministries provide guidance for the Campus Alliance.

The partners of the Campus Alliance believe:

  • Every student matters!
  • Ministry to every school is vital.
  • Sharing the Gospel with every student and making disciples is a direct response to the heart of Christ.
  • Campus ministry provides a rich environment for Christian students to grow in Christ.
  • Involvement with our local schools gives the Church enormous opportunity to minister to the greater community.
  • It is our mission to enlarge and unite the team of Christians everywhere that are reaching out to students and schools.

The Campus Alliance shared values:

  • Trust – we support one another, bound by a common vision.
  • Cooperation – we leverage our relationships and collaborate strategically to serve and reach every student and school.
  • Evangelism – we intentionally share the message of Jesus Christ and make disciples, communicating in a loving, relational manner, sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading.
  • Equipping – we share best practices and resources so everyone can be effective in student and campus outreach.
  • Integrity – we commit to a personal life of discipleship and faithfulness in our relationship with God and others.

The Campus Alliance plan:

  • Prayer – champion grassroots prayer for every school, interceding for every student.
  • Partnership – invite and challenge churches, organizations and individuals to join in the cause of reaching out to every student and school.
  • Resources – provide the best practices and resources for reaching, serving and discipling students.
  • Tracking – share information and data with the goal of identifying and celebrating a ministry to every school.

Partners are involved in the plan in one or more of the following ways:

  • Direct ministry – engaged directly with students and schools through prayer, evangelism and service.
  • Catalytic ministry – coming along side direct ministries with strategies and support.
  • Resource ministry – providing tools and training for campus ministry.

We invite you to join with the partners of the Campus Alliance in a movement to reach out to every student and school in America.

With questions or to join with the partners of the Campus Alliance contact us at: