First Things First

Prayer is the first step in reaching out at your school.

What if prayer at your campus went from scarce to abundant and God was invited into the building, what could happen. Imagine if this wasn’t just your school, but the school down the street, across town and the entire country.

The scriptures tell us, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” – Jeremiah 33:3 (NIV)

How can you call out to God and increase prayer for your school? Here are 16 ideas.

  1. It begins with your personal commitment to prayer. Pray takes intent, making it a priority. Carve out time often to pray, and pray also when you are on the go.
  2. Join a group or start a new one and start praying. Invite others to be involved, your church youth group and campus ministry.
  3. Use the campus prayer guide
  4. Ask your church pastor, parents and teachers to pray for your school.
  5. With your Christian friends, make a list of needs at the school and students and teachers for whom you want to pray. One way to do this by using your yearbook. It makes it easier to specifically remember each student and educator.
  6. With the yearbook you can divide up the classes with different people in your prayer group so that every one at school is covered in prayer.
  7. Ask people at school how you can pray for them.
  8. Sign up for Claim Your Campus, a student movement of prayer on campuses nationwide.
  9. Form a prayer triplet – three friends praying three times a week.
  10. Pray locker-to-locker or room-to-room, praying for every part and person in your school.
  11. Do a prayer walk with a couple friends around your school.
  12. As you drive by a school consider it a “prayer zone” and lift up a prayer for the students.
  13. Join others in praying at See You at the Pole in September.
  14. Plan and help lead a special gathering of Christian students in your community, praying together for schools.
  15. Find out if there is a Moms In Prayer group in your town and give them prayer requests from your school.
  16. Spread the word through social media, mobilizing people to pray. Direct people to and encourage them to adopt their school.

The list can be as long as you are creative. It’s all about doing it. We believe the time is now for transforming prayer to be raised over our schools.

Prayer is intimacy with God that impacts your campus and world!


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