Can We Do It?

The mission is ambitious, to say the least.

The vision is to see a ministry to every school – every campus adopted by students and adult leaders who are praying, caring and sharing their faith so that every student has a chance to know Jesus Christ personally.

Humanly speaking, it seems impossible. In America alone there are more than 67,000 schools with over 25 million high school and middle school students. Around the world there are millions more. But in God’s plan the vision is accomplished as we each do our part, focusing on those around us at our school. God’s team is huge, and we each serve with God’s power working within us.

Who’s idea is this?

The mission of reaching out to every school and student is not a human idea, but God’s idea. Jesus gave his followers this clear directive: “Go into the whole world and preach the good news to everyone, everywhere.” Mark 16:15 (TLB), and in Matthew 28:18-20: “Go and make disciples in every nation.” Every, of course, includes every student. This charge, given by Jesus to all Christians for all time, is called the Great Commission or THE Cause.

Does it still seem impossible to accomplish?

Here is what we can count on: the Great Commission is going to be completed. Jesus said in Matthew 24:14 that the time will come when the entire world will hear, then He will return.

Is that time coming soon? God has set the timetable, and he alone knows the schedule. But the challenge of each generation of Christians is how we will advance the Gospel message, which has not changed, in a culture that is always fluid and changing. We have the opportunity and responsibility to be faithful to our generation.

Where do we begin?

  • Adopt your school. Adopt means to pray, care and share Christ at your campus.
  • Work together. There are often several churches and organizations in a community that have the same heart to reach out to students and schools. Find out what others are doing, unite and support one another.
  • Pray for your campus and students. This is the starting point. Click here for the Campus Prayer Guide. Join a national student prayer strategy by going to
  • Care and serve. Students need care, encouragement, mentoring, and sometimes physical help like food and clothes. When we serve as Christians we demonstrate the greatness and love of Christ.
  • Take the initiative to share the Gospel. The greatest act of love is to help someone begin and develop a relationship with Christ. This can be challenging, but very rewarding. On there are resources to help in this area.

Think about this…

As a student you are arguably in the greatest mission field of your entire life. Five days a week, nine months a year nearly all the teens in your community are together at one place – your campus. When they graduate or leave the school they will scatter in a thousand directions. Right now you have unlimited possibilities to influence them toward Christ. If you are an adult leader or educator, there is no more important place to focus your attention then on the school  and students. Forge a new movement.

Take a risk, reach out at your school and leave a legacy.

Can We Do It

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