Why The Campus


There is no place in the world like the high school and middle school campus. The energy is remarkable.

It is pure pleasure navigating through this fast-paced relational environment.

The campus is what we would call the marketplace of youth culture. For teenagers, it is where the exchange of ideas, the forming of values, and the shaping of lives take place. This powerful culture is changing students every day – for better or for worse. For a lot of teens, life makes up its mind at the school campus.

It’s the last time this group is together

The school campus not only shapes students, it is also like a magnet in a community, gathering people together like no other institution. Think about this: where are most teenagers on any given Monday through Friday, August to June? The answer is the local school campus.  And it is the last time all the teens in your community will be together in one location. After high school everyone will scatter in a thousand directions, making it much more difficult to connect with them personally.

That is why your influence as a Christian student in high school will likely never be greater in all your lifetime. As a student you are shoulder to shoulder with nearly everyone in your community of the same age. And compared to adults, people under 18 are more likely to respond to the message of the Gospel and follow Christ. Think of the influence you and your Christian friends have on a school campus.

Your opportunity

If you are a student or teacher you’re in the center of the most important mission field in your town or city. If you are a youth leader or adult in the community, the school should be your number one focus. Pray for your school, care for students and share the Good News.

Below are resources that will help you with next steps.

Why The Campus

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