The Campus Ministry Operating System (CMOS) – Defined


Unpacking the CMOS

If we want to know where we will find nearly every 13 to 17-year-old young person in our communities and cities, we simply need to check out the local school campus, five days a week, nine months of every year.  Without question, the high school and middle school campus is a social and relational epicenter, and it represents an unparalleled opportunity for Christian students and youth leaders to effectively connect with the greatest number of teenagers.

In light of Christ’s cause and Great Commission to share His love and truth, being involved with schools and the student body in a community is essential.

To help us with this opportunity, church and para-church youth ministry leaders have come together to build what is called the Campus Ministry Operating System (CMOS), an approach that identifies the vital principles and methods for churches and organizations to relate to schools and reach out to students. In the same way that software must be plugged into the correct computer operating system to perform, in youth ministry we must have the correct operating system to apply ministry principles and methods if we are to be effective with students and schools.

In this resource site we unpack seven essential elements of the Campus Ministry Operating System:

1. See the Campus and Students as Mission  

Authentic student ministry is seeing our schools and students as our mission. It must be an essential pillar of our youth ministry and outreach.

2. Prayer

Intercessory prayer fuels and sustains ministry that has lasting impact.

3. Gospel Advancing

Relevant, relational and appropriate evangelism and sharing the Gospel are at the heart of ministry where students are spiritually transformed, and schools are positively impacted.

4.Empower Students

Discipling Christian students, equipping them to walk with Christ and entrusting them to lead and reach their peers with the Gospel assures the greatest impact for Christ in their generation.


Understanding student and school culture allows us to be effective and contextualize campus and student ministry.

6. Network

Collaboration between churches, organizations and community leaders is essential in reaching out to every student and school in a community.

7. Pray – Care – Share

Effective ministry to students is built around the Biblical balance of prayer, caring for students and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Ideas and resources for each of these seven elements can be found in this CMOS portal.

The Campus Ministry OS is designed by the Campus Alliance, a coalition of youth ministry leaders from churches and organizations that share the mission of reaching out to every student with the good news of Jesus Christ.


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