How To Personally Share Your Faith


A school is a tapestry of students with a variety of interests, family experiences, ethnic backgrounds and challenges.

What all students have in common, however, is that they were created to have a personal relationship with God, and nearly all of them think about God and eternity. The problem is, there is often a shortage of people to share the truth about God that they are looking for, so, a lot of inaccurate information floats among students. That’s where we come in. Jesus said, “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Matthew 9:38) The solution is workers (friends) who pray, care and share. Everyone is needed – students, youth leaders, parents, educators.

The greatest act of love we can show another person is to help introduce them to the One who created them by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Seven Keys To Sharing Christ with Students…

  1. Pray regularly for students around you.
  2. Be accepting, relational, inclusive, friendly. Can we imagine Jesus being any other way, and we represent Him.
  3. Connect by spending time in their world, school activities, sports, youth groups and the neighborhood.
  4. Ask questions and actively listen.
  5. Learn how to tell your story and explain the Gospel in a clear and simple way that helps students understand what it means to receive Christ by faith.
  6. Invite students to trust and receive Christ. It’s a gift that you have already received, and it is gift you can pass on to other students.
  7. Continue to build the relationship regardless of how they respond. And for every person who receives Christ remember that in the Bible they are described as a new creation in Christ. Which means they are an infant and need what every infant needs: loving care, attention and spiritual food. Give that to them.

Certainly bringing others to Christ takes courage and big steps of faith. But it is one of the greatest ways to love and serve another person. Sharing Christ is about gift giving.

The Campus Alliance partners have resources to help you connect and share Jesus. Check these out:


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