Every Student Every School – What Is It?

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Imagine Christian students, youth leaders and parents praying for and sharing one message with students in every city and at every middle school and high school in America… the greatest message in all of history, the good news of Jesus Christ. We have the opportunity to do something that no other generation has done, and that is reach everyone!

That is what the Every Student Every School movement is all about. It is a catalyst bringing the Body of Christ together around the vision of a ministry presence and gospel movement at every school. It’s about loving teenagers, praying for them and introducing them to Jesus.

Join student groups from churches and organizations as together we lead out at our schools. Every youth group and campus ministry decides how they will pray, introduce students to Christ and build disciples. Prepare with training, vision and resources. Here are some ideas…

As students respond follow-up each one by helping them engage in God’s Word and connect with a local church community. Build a movement at your school.

Every Student Every School is an initiative of the Campus Alliance, a coalition of over 60 church and youth organizations nation and world-wide that share the vision of reaching middle and high school students and schools.

A wave of movement is evolving across America and the world as God is leading churches and organizations to pray for youth, care and introduce students to Jesus Christ. Together we can accomplish what no one can do alone. 


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