“One generation commends your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts.” Psalms 145:4

A Campus Strategist has…

  • A Kingdom spirit
  • A love for students and a vision for introducing them to Christ.
  • Experience in campus ministry
  • Relational and strategic leadership skills
  • The support of their church or organization. Time investment of 2-5 hours a week – it varies with each Strategist

Desired Outcome

Every willing church & campus ministry is united to see a sustainable prayer, care, share ministry at every school. Every student has the opportunity to know and follow Christ. 

Do you share the vision of a ministry to every student and school in your town, city or state? Here is how your leadership can help make that a reality.

A Campus Strategist is a relational and strategic leader who rallies the Body of Christ in their area to see ongoing prayer, care, and share ministries at every middle and high school campus, with the vision of giving every student the opportunity to know and follow Jesus Christ.

The Leadership Role & Process

PRAYER – Mobilize ongoing prayer support for the ESES cause in your area through prayer ministries, groups and individuals.

TRACKING – Gather info on the status of middle & high school campuses in your area. Which schools are adopted? Yet to be adopted? Some include elementary schools also. Get data from the ESES Dashboard and

CONNECTING – Connect and share the vision of ESES with other church, community, and campus ministry leaders in your area. Encourage them with the significance of campus focused ministry.

NETWORKING – Unite as a diverse team of ministries in your area to reach schools and students. Together pray and shape plans where everyone participates. Partner so that each school is covered in prayer followed by care and sharing Christ.

TRAINING – Help equip youth leaders, students, parents and educators with resources for campus ministry from the Campus Alliance Partners and other sources.

REPRESENTING – Champion the ESES cause everywhere through all means, encourage “adopting schools” at


Because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes, and it is the only answer to the deep needs of every young person, the Campus Alliance Partners are accelerating the work of reaching Every Student – Every School. Over 500 Strategists are needed nation-wide in towns, cities and states.

IMAGINE ZERO in your area – not one student or school left behind. 

SEND ME MORE INFORMATION is sponsored by the Campus Alliance, a partnership of organizations, churches, students and youth leaders that share the mission of reaching out to every high school and middle school student. Learn more about these organizations and the resources they offer by clicking on their logo.