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Claim Your Campus is a movement of students across America who are taking responsibility to humbly pray to God on behalf of their school. The vision is to unite 1,000,000 students to pray once a week at their campus, and we invite you to join that one million.

This all started with eight high school students, meeting weekly to pray, in the largest public high school in the state of Michigan. Over the next few years it slowly grew and spread to other campuses throughout Grand Rapids.

In 2009, their youth pastor, Jeff Eckart, felt the call of God to take the challenge of weekly prayer meetings to schools across the nation. With the help of students, Jeff launched Claim Your Campus. Since then, CYC has been presented to more than 250,000 students and they have trained more than 10,000 students to claim their campus through prayer.


The vision is simple: seeing a student-led prayer movement on every middle school and high school campus in America. That’s 67,000 campuses and it will require 1 million students. We are looking for at least 15 students at each school to say “I’m in,” committing to pray once a week at their school. Those 15 break down to 3 students praying per day, over the 5 school days each week. We have some excellent tools for you to help make this happen including the Claim Your Campus App, which can be down loaded from your app provider.


We believe that all Christians should continually learn and practice prayer within their immediate communities. For students, one of your most immediate communities is your school. Prayer will change your school, and it will change you. Prayer is faith audible. It is verbally expressing our love for God, as well as love for our neighbor.

It has been over 50 years since the Supreme Court ruling on prayer in public schools. Even though schools cannot organize prayer, students rights to pray and gather to pray have never been limited. Our dream is for students like you to grow in faith and love, and to humbly pray for your school.

Will you take ownership for your school, and join the 1 million students nation wide?

Go to Claim Your Campus.

Download the Claim Your Campus App from your app provider.



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