GO2020 – Now Is The Time To Be Involved


Now is the time to JOIN believers from around the globe in the largest movement of prayer, caring and sharing the message of hope in Christ. The world is filled with uncertainty and fear, but God is moving.


GO2020 is a national and world-wide movement of Christians, beginning the month of May 2020, sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ and inviting people to trust and receive Him as their savior and lord.

Here is how you, your church and campus ministry can be involved…

  1. Set the stage with prayer, it gives us compassion and prepares hearts for God’s love and truth. MY FIVE is one prayer strategy being used world wide.
  2. Get the word out to your church, youth group or campus ministry mobilizing them to begin to pray for friends, neighbors, classmates.
  3. Equip your self and your group to share the good news of Christ through personal conversations, and how to to share virtually, in light of COVID-19.
  4. May is here, begin reaching out to others and sharing Christ. Encourage your group, share prayer requests, stories, challenges. Here are two great virtual sharing ideas: #bestdayofmylife and LifeinSix.
  5. Continue sharing Christ through the entire year of 2020, and follow-up those who respond. Prepare for 20in20 (October 12-31), a fall nationwide outreach to every student and school possible across America.

Go to these links for GO2020 resources. 

Begin preparing also for 20in20, a nationwide mobilization to reach out to students and schools October 12-31.

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